Упр.2a Модуль 8d
ГДЗ Spotlight 8 класс

2а) Вставьте кто, чье, что, почему, и затем ответьте на вопросы.
1 Чья это была идея создать Мировой Кубок?
2 Где впервые шла игра за Мировой кубок?
3 Какой был результат матча между Уругваем и Аргентиной в 1930 году?
4 Кто одержал победу над Англией в 1950 году?
5 Кого застала врасплох Северная Ирландия в 1982 году?

1 Whose (чья)
2 Where (где)
3 What (какой)
4 Who (кто)
5 Who (кого)

1 Jules Rimet came up with the idea (У Жуль Риме возникла идея).
2 It was played in Uruguay (Игра была в Уругвае).
3 Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 (Уругвай разбил Аргентину со счетом 4-2).
4 America defeated England in 1950 (Америка одержала победу над Англией в 1950 году).
5 They beat the host team, Spain, in 1982 (Они разбили хозяев поля, Испанию в 1982 году).

1 What do you know about the FIFA World Cup? How are these people related to it?
Listen and read the text to find out.
FIFA World Cup
Every four years, billions of spectators watch their national teams take part in the football World Cup. It is a moment that all football fans look forward to. In fact, the FIFA World Cup is probably the most important sport event in the world.
The World Cup was created in the 1930s when Jules Rimet, a French football official, came up with the idea of bringing the best football teams in the world together to play against one another for the title of World Champions. There was great enthusiasm for his idea, and the first FIFA World Cup was organised in Uruguay in 1930. The host team won the first World Cup when they beat Argentina 4-2. Since then, almost twenty World Cup tournaments have been played and the competition has often surprised fans around the world. Everyone was amazed when the USA beat England 1-0 in 1950 The 1966 World Cup surprised many fans when Italy lost 1-0 to North Korea, and Northern Ireland took everyone by surprise when they beat the host team Spain 1-0 in 1982 Many legends and many football records have also been made during the World Cup. The Irish 17 year-old Norman Whiteside was the youngest player to ever play in a World Cup and Pele was the youngest to ever score in a match and win the World Cup. Ronaldo is the top scorer in World Cup history, with 15 goals.
Football history is made every four years at the FIFA World Cup. Whatever the results, the championship brings people from every region of the world together in the spirit of fun and sport.

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