Упр.38 Unit 2
ГДЗ English Михеева 11 класс

38. Некоторые из предложений ниже немного неправильные. Улучшите порядок слов в них.
1. Вечером мы посетили Британский музей, уже уставшие после гуляния по городу.
2. Он нашел газету на стуле, которая датируется 24 октября.
3. Команда выиграла несколько матчей с немалыми усилиями.
4. Вы можете увидеть много церквей, гуляя по городу.
5. Книга была найдена в углу комнаты вся в пыли.
6. Бомба была обнаружена службой безопасности в полиэтиленовом пакете.
7. Животное не знает вкус свободы, который родился в зоопарке.
8. Наконец мы увидели озеро собственными глазами.

1. In the evening already tired after doing the city, we visited the British Museum.
2. On the chair he found a newspaper dated by 24 October.
3. —.
4. Walking about the town you can see a lot of churches.
5. The book covered in dust was found in the corner of the room.
6. The bomb in a plastic bag was discovered by a security man.
7. An animal that is born in the zoo doesn’t know the taste of freedom.
8. —

38. Some of the sentences below are not ideal. Improve the word order in them.
1. In the evening we visited the British Museum already tired after doing the city. 2. He found a newspaper on the chair dated by 24 October. 3. The team won a few matches with a lot of effort. 4. You can see a lot of churches walking about the town. 5. The book was found in the corner of the room covered in dust. 6. The bomb was discovered by a security man in a plastic bag. 7. An animal doesn't know the taste of freedom that is born in the zoo. 8. At last we saw the lake with our own eyes.
Focus on Syntax
A complex sentence has two or more clauses, at least one of which is subordinate to a main clause. A subordinate clause is usually introduced by a subordinate conjunction (when, that, etc.) or by a relative pronoun (who, whom, etc.). You studied various types of subordinate clauses in your classes of Russian. Here we shall concentrate only on those cases of subordinate clauses that present some difficulties.
Sometimes we want to make a statement which is too complex or detailed to be expressed in a single clause. We make statements of this kind by putting two or more clauses together in one sentence. When we put two clauses into one sentence, we use a conjunction1 to link them and to indicate the relationship between them. The relations between the principal and the subordinate clauses can be different. The subordinate clauses can give the reason for what is stated in the main clause or specify something or somebody mentioned in the main clause, etc. There are three main kinds of subordinate clauses:
1. Reported clauses (e. g. He asked if he could come.)
2. Relative clauses (e. g. I don't have the CD you are looking for.)
3. Adverbial clauses (e. g. I will be ready when he comes.)

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