Упр.44 Unit 2
ГДЗ English Михеева 11 класс

44. В этих предложениях замените who и which на that, где это возможно.
1. Я принесла вам книгу, которую я читала в последнее время.
2. Встреть моего друга Джима, который только что прибыл из Лондона.
3. Больше всего мне понравилось печенье, которое со вкусом ванили.
4. Мартин, который посещает нас время от времени, рассказывает нам все местные новости.
5. Мы выбрали стол, который стоял у окна, чтобы полюбоваться видом на Сену.
6. Вы видели новый фильм, о котором все люди говорят?
7. Картина, которая висела над камином, напомнила мне что-то давно забытое.
8. Она говорит, что хотела бы выйти замуж за мужчину, который такой же, как ее отец.
9. Она помешивала тушеное мясо, которое кипело в большой кастрюле на газовой плите.
10. Он положил газету, которую читал, и поднялся на ноги.

1. that;
3. that;
5. that;
6. that;
8. that;
9. that

44. In these sentences change who and which for that where possible.
1. I've brought you the book which I've been reading lately. 2. Meet my friend Jim, who has just arrived from London. 3. Most of all I liked the biscuits which tasted of vanilla. 4. Martin, who visits us from time to time, tells us all the local news. 5. We chose the table which stood at the window to admire the view of the Seine. 6. Have you seen the new film which all people are talking about? 7. The picture, which was hanging above the fireplace, reminded me of something long-forgotten. 8. She says she would like to marry a man who is like her father. 9. She was stirring the stew which was boiling in a big pan on the gas cooker. 10. He put down the newspaper, which he had been reading, and got to his feet.
Focus on Syntax
Sometimes a relative clause refers not just to the noun before it, but to the whole sentence before. Compare:
1. John wrote to me the letter that upset me.
2. John tore my letter up, which upset me.
In the first sentence it was the letter that was upsetting. The relative clause refers to the noun letter. In the second sentence the fact that John tore the letter up was upsetting. The relative clause (which upset me) refers to the whole sentence. In cases like this, which is always used (that and what are impossible), and there is always a comma.
James shouted at the top of his voice, which shocked me.

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