Упр.64 Unit 4
ГДЗ Enjoy English 9 класс

64 Работа в группах. Составьте список вещей, которые вы любите и не любите в экстремальных видах спорта. Используйте материал в упр.62 вместе с вашими собственными идеями. Сравните свой список с теми, кто из ваших одноклассников. Обсудите различия.

I like:
  1. The feeling of joy and excitement.
  2. To have some fun, as casual life is boring.
  3. To get some adrenalin.

I dislike:
  1. The chance of injury is very high.
  2. You can die.
  3. It is dangerous if a parachute opens loo late or doesn't open at all.
  4. The jumper miscalculates the speed of the wind or fails to notice something that can make the jump fatal.
Мне нравится.
  1. Чувство радости и волнения.
  2. Получить от этого удовольствие, так как ежедневная жизнь является слишком скучной.
  3. Получить адреналин.
Мне не нравится:
  1. Вероятность повреждения тела очень высока.
  2. Ты можешь погибнуть.
  3. Это очень опасно, если парашют открывается слишком поздно или не открывается вообще.
  4. Прыгун неправильно рассчитывает скорость ветра или не замечает что-то, что может сделать прыжок смертельно опасным.

64 Read the rest of the interview between Dave and Torn. Then find the words and word combinations that describe BASE jumping as a dangerous sport. Do you think Tom is tolerant of the people around him. Use phrases from the text.
Dave: The sport you are doing now... it's called BASE jumping, isn't it? What kind of sport is it? And how did it get the name BASE?
Tom: It's the most extreme of the extreme sports. It's like skydiving but no planes or helicopters are used. People jump from buildings, antennas, bridges (or spans) and cliffs (high parts of the Earth . This is why it's called BASE. Its name is made from the first letters of Building, Antenna, Span and Earth.
Dave: It seems awfully dangerous to me.
Tom: It's obvious that the chance of injury is very high. Some jumpers say that it is as high as 90% and a bad injury or death is just a matter of time. Sometimes it happens that the parachute opens too late or doesn't open at all, or the jumper miscalculates the speed of the wind or fails to notice something that can make the jump fatal.
Dave: It's a very risky activity. Do you inte J to quit it?
Tom: No, the feeling I get during the jump means too much to me.
Dave: Are there many excited fans who are watching you when you are jumping*
Tom: If we jump from some cliffs somewhere in the countryside, onh my mates are there. But when we jump from buildings and antennas, there are a lot of people watching us. There have been some jumps from Nelson Column and St Paul's Cathedral. Can you imagine that?!
Dave: Tom, I've got one last question. Do you realise that BASE jumping in cities can be a life-threatening activitv not only for you but for people around you? The fact is that you can cause serious traffic accidents or other dangers. People can get injured. The\ haven't chosen to do this sport but they still can suffer the consequences It's really not fair.
Tom: Well, I have to admit that I've never thought about it that way before...

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