Упр.58 Unit 4
ГДЗ Enjoy English 9 класс

58 Составьте три предложения в соответствии с примером:
Ничто не может сравниться с ... + существительное или + ing форма

Пример: Ничто не может сравниться со сладким сладким арбузом в зимний вечер.
Ничего нельзя сравниться с купанием в теплом море в середине января.

58 Read the text and point out the ideas that are contrary to the content of the text.
1 Julian does some diving because his best friend has convinced him to do so.
2 Julian travels quite a lot because he wants to dive in different places and see the underwater world in its variety.
3 Julian and his friends think that cold oceans are as good for diving as warm seas.
4 Julian doesn't have any difficulty in communicating with his friends and. in extreme situations.they understand each other perfectly.
5 Julian realises that extreme diving can be dangerous and he intends to stop doing it soon.
I travel twice a year. It is a "must"; otherwise, I'll feel unfit both for my work and for my studies. The thing is that, for three years, I've been a member of a diving club and every season we get together at a new place. We arrange these trips to escape from everyday problems and to get into the beautiful and calm underwater world. We have already done some diving in the Red Sea, on the coast of South Africa and in the dark, cold and clean waters of Lake Baikal. Nothing can compare to the excitement you feel while exploring deep underwater caves without knowing what kind of a wonder or danger you might face there. There are people of all different nationalities in our club. I feel like I can call them close and reliable friends in spite of the fact that we see each other only during our trips. We don't have any communication problems even though not everybody speaks English fluently. We work as a team. It's not the words but the care, help, and support that are essential for survival. Yes, it can be dangerous sometimes, and I'm often asked why I take the risk. I don't really know, but I'm going to keep on doing it.

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