Упр.117 Unit 3
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117 Послушайте и повторите. Как вы говорите слова в 1-й и 3-й колонках, сравните положение ударнения с соответствующими русскими словами.

117 You and your classmates are now going to do a project. The project title is "War and Conflict in Modern History". Each student is supposed to write a page about war in one of the countries listed in Ex. 115. Read through the list and decide which country you would like to write about.
Wars have been happening between nations long before people started writing down their history In the 20th century' Europeans suffered from two world wars, which involved many countries even in the other parts of the world. Hundreds of towns and cities were destroyed. A large number of people including children were killed or wounded during those wars. In the Soviet Union only, the number of victims of the Second World War exceeded twenty millior people. That is about 40 per cent of all people killed during the War.
Young Europeans should be positive in their decision to prevent wars in future.

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