Упр.114 Unit 3
ГДЗ Enjoy English 9 класс

114 Какие из этих слов связаны со словом «толерантность»? Каковы противоположности слова «толерантность»? Заполните таблицу аналогичную той, что дана ниже, в вашей Рабочей Тетради.

Related to "tolerance"
cooperation, freedom, pluralism, caring, equality, friendship, democracy, safety, respect, peace, solidarity, dialogue, independence, trust.
Opposite of "tolerance"
violence, war, exploitation, struggle, fight, conflict, militarism, racism, terrorism, confrontation, jealousy, anger, hostility, discrimination, prejudice.
Относящиеся к «толерантности»
сотрудничество, свобода, плюрализм, заботливый, равенство, дружба, демократия, безопасность, уважение, мир, солидарность, диалог, независимость, доверие.
Противоположности «толерантности»
насилие, война, эксплуатация, борьба, борьба, конфликт, милитаризм, расизм, терроризм, противостояние, ревность, гнев, враждебность, дискриминация, предрассудки.

114 Work in groups of 3 to 4.
a Choose one of the human rights mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Discuss how it's important for the younger generation.
• the right to speak freely
• the right to get an education
• the right to be protected against religious discrimination
• the right to choose the work you like
Use the following phrases in your discussion.
I'm absolutely positive that...
It is obvious that...
I may be wrong but I think that...
I'm for... because...
There is something in what you say. but...
I'm not sure about it...
I feel strongly against it.
Sorry, but I have got my own idea about it.
on one hand...
on the other hand ...
but at the same time...
...one shouldn't forget that...
b Now write down your arguments. Share them with your classmates.
c Write about any of the rights essential for teenagers. Give your arguments for or against them. Make use of the pictures. You can offer your own ideas.

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