Упр.28 Unit 2
ГДЗ Enjoy English 9 класс

28 Прочитайте текст, как играть в конце вашего учебника снова и найдите:
• предлоги места, сколько вы сможете
• предлоги направления, сколько вы сможете
Напишите их. Сравните ваш список со списком вашего партнера.

Preposition of place (предлоги места): at number 1, at the point, at the blue, grey and red circles, below the surface, in the tree, at the top, among them, outside the cave, going inside, hedge round the house, a broken tree above the road, a big stone between two old palms, the treasure is deep in the earth, just under the stone

Preposition of direction (предлоги направления : to the yellow road, going along the coastline, to the opposite side of the river, from this place to the palm wood, to the top of the mountains, through the bushed, in the direction to the top, down from the palm tree, down the mountain to (he circle 9, to the opposite side, down the river, towards the large round stones, over the cactuses, climb over it, go inside the house, rush back to, get the treasure out of the box

28 Read the text HOW TO PLAY at the end of your textbook again and find:
• as many prepositions of place as you can
• as many prepositions of direction as you can
Write them out. Compare your list with your partner's.

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