Упр.4 Модуль 3a
ГДЗ Spotlight 9 класс

4 Соотнесите подчёркнутые слова в тексте с их антонимами ниже.

1 different – similar (Разный-похожий)
2 destroy – create (уничтожить-создать)
3 real – mythical (реальный мифический)
4 unknown – famous (неизвестный-знаменитый)
5 top – bottom (сверху-снизу)
6 blunt – sharp (тупой-острый)
7 luckily – unfortunately (к счастью- к сожалению)
8 miniature – giant (миниатюрный-гигантский)

4 Match the underlined words in the T text to their opposites below.
1 different 5 top
2 destroy ) ) ) 6 blunt
3 real 7 luckily
4 unknown 8 miniature
We've all heard well-known stories of ancient mythical creatures such as dragons, unicorns and giants, but to this day, people all over the world continue to report sightings of various mysterious monsters! So...we asked our readers to tell us about any creatures like these from their country...
Hi, I'm Kevin from Inverness, Scotland! I'm sure you've all heard of our famous Loch Ness Monster, with its humped back, long tail and snake-like head. But you probably didn't know that people have been reporting sightings of this strange monster since the 6th century! The first modern sighting was in 1933 when a couple who were driving home saw a creature rolling and diving in the lake. Since then there have been over a thousand recorded sightings and even some photos taken of Nessie. Some people believe that Nessie is a dinosaur called a plesiosaur that somehow survived in Loch Ness but the truth is still a mystery.
I'm Jens from Norway and we have the legend of the Kraken. a horrifying deep-sea monster that was a mile and a half across. As ships approached, the Kraken would wrap its giant tentacles around them or create a violent whirlpool to pull them down to the bottom of the ocean. The Kraken are a species of giant squid. In 2007, fishermen caught a ten-metre long squid with eyes the size of dinner plates and sharp hooks on some of its tentacles off the coast of Antarctica. There's no doubt that giant squid exist, but exactly how big they can grow to and whether they have destroyed ships still remains a mystery.
I'm Mary from Oregon, USA. As you probably already know, a strange-looking big hairy creature called Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) has been part of American folklore for years. Since the 1800s, there have been more than 3,000 sightings of Bigfoot. who most witnesses describe as being a two-legged creature two to three metres tall that has long arms and a short neck. Investigators say there's no way that its footprints, at around 40cm long, could be human prints! Some scientists believe that Bigfoot could be a species of extinct ape. but unfortunately so far no one has found a Bigfoot body, fossil or skeleton.

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