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5 Прочитайте статью снова, затем закройте книгу и расскажите вашему партнеру две вещи, которые вы запомнили о каждом фестивале.

I remember that in the Splatfest no one knows how or why the festival got started. It is a huge food fight and party.
In the Pirates of the Caribbean festival, there is a mock kidnap and people dress up in fancy dress costumes.
In the March of the Scarecrows festival, I remember that the festival raises money for local charities. One year the winner was a medieval knight scarecrow.
In the Maslenitsa carnival, I remember that it celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring. People eat pancakes that symbolise the sun.
Я запомнил, что в Сплатфест никто не знает, как и почему фестиваль начался. Это огромная схватка за еду и вечеринка.
На фестивале «Пираты Карибского моря» происходит вымышленное похищение и люди наряжаются в костюмы маскарадного костюма.
На фестивале «Марш Чучел» я запомнил, что фестиваль собирает деньги для местных благотворительных организаций. В один год победителем был средневековый рыцарь чучело.
В карнавале Масленицы, я запомнил, что он празднуется в конце зимы и начале весны. Люди едят блины, которые символизируют солнце.

5 Read the article again, then close your book and tell your partner two things you remember about each festival.
Are you looking for a fun way to have a good time? Then join us on our little trip around the world to discover some of the world's most unusual festivals!
A Splatfest
If you're in the tiny Spanish town of Bunol in Valencia, Spain during the last week of August, make sure you take a spare change of clothes because things get very, very messy! 'La Tomatina' is a huge food fight that has been a strong tradition in Bunol since around 1945. No one really knows how it began, but everybody knows how it ends! The week of the fight includes a fireworks party, music, dancing, colourful street parades and even a huge paella cooking contest. Then, about 30,000 people throw around 100,000 kg of tomatoes at each other for one hour.
В Pirates of the Caribbean
Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? If so, for ten days in November, Georgetown in the Cayman Islands transforms into a typical pirate town.The Pirates Week festival begins with a mock kidnap, complete with tall ships and rowing boats.Visitors have the chance to wear fancy dress costumes and experience life as a pirate.There are also street parties, treasure hunts and a huge fireworks display.
С March of the Scarecrows
Every year on 6' October, the central market square of Brussels in Belgium becomes full of people made of straw ... yes. scarecrows! This festival, which raises money for local charities, has been extremely popular since it first started in 2001. Past winners of the 'Best Scarecrow Award' have included a medieval knight scarecrow and even a Che Guevara one! If you think you can do better, why not enter the competition yourself? All you need are some old clothes and a bright idea!
D Maslenitsa - Farewell to Winter
If you want to watch parades, see fireworks and open-air theatre performances and eat until you burst, then the Maslenitsa carnival (or 'Blini Week') in the heart of Moscow is the festival for you! This fun festival takes place around the end of February and celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring. For this reason, all the festival-goers eat blini (pancakes), which symbolise the sun (round,golden and warm). At the end of carnival week, there is a big bonfire to say a final goodbye to winter!

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