Упр.3 Grammar Check Модуль 1
ГДЗ Spotlight 9 класс

3 Используйте подсказки, чтобы задать и ответить на вопросы, как в примере.
В какое время/вы/встаете/каждое утро?

2 A: Do you have breakfast in the morning?
B: Yes, I have breakfast every morning.
3 A: What time does your dad leave for work?
B: He leaves for work at 8:00.
4 A: Do you meet your friends in the afternoon?
B: Yes, we usually meet at the shopping mall.
5 A: Does your mum do the shopping every day?
B: No, only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
6 A: What do you do in your free time?
B: I play football in my free time.

3 Use the prompts to ask and answer questions, as in the example.
What time/you/get up/every morning?

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