Упр.2 Модуль 8 Spot
ГДЗ Spotlight 11 класс рабочая тетрадь


1 famous (известным)
2 Construction (строительство)
3 invaders (оккупанты)
4 continuous (непрерывного)
5 simply (просто)
6 eventually (в конце концов)
7 defensive (оборонительный)

2 Complete the gaps (1-7) with the correct form of the words in bold.
Welcome to the Great Wall of China.
China's most famous tourist attraction Stretching more than 6,000 km over beautiful hills, mountains, woodlands and deserts, it is the longest man-made structure on earth. Construction of the wall began over 2,000 years ago and continued right up until the 17th century. The wall was built to keep invaders out of China, but as it was not an unbroken wall but instead a continuous line of short walls, enemies could simply go around the unconnected sections of the wall. Thus, the wall was eventually abandoned as a defensive barrier. Today, thousands of tourists visit the Great Wall every day to see one of the great wonders of the world!

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