Упр.G Модуль 3 Test Booklet ГДЗ Spotlight 11 класс

G Журнал спрашивает мнения по следующей теме:
"В нынешнее время у подростков слишком много свободного времени"
Напишите эссе для журнала, высказав ваше мнения и приведите причины/примеры в поддержку вашей точки зрения (120-180 слов). Вы можете использовать план ниже, который поможет вам написать ваше эссе.

Решение #

These days, many people believe that teenagers have more than enough time on their hands. I strongly disagree with this view, as I believe that teens do not have enough time to relax and enjoy their youth.
Nowadays, there is so much pressure on young adults to succeed that they often take on more than they can handle. For example, many teens are expected to do welt at school, participate in sports, as well as help with all the household chores. Moreover, many teenagers have a part-time job and struggle to keep up with their studies, so they experience a great deal of stress trying to manage their time.
However, opponents of this view argue that teens have lots of free time and spend it watching television or playing video games. In particular, they claim that young people are just wasting all this free time they say they have.
All things considered, I believe that teenagers do not have as much free time as is generally believed. They are busy young adults, who could certainly do with a little extra time.
Приведем выдержку из задания из учебника Юлия Ваулина, Джунни Дули 11 класс, Просвещение:
G A magazine is asking for opinions on the following:
"Teenagers today have too much free time"
Write an essay for the magazine stating your opinion and giving reasons/examples to support your point of view (120—180 words). You may use the plan below to help you write your essay.
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