Упр.4d Уроки 1-2 Unit 7
New Millennium English 10 класс

D. Переведите упр. 4C на английский язык.

1 (P) Draft animals are still widely used by man.
2 (A) Ponies still work in the mines.
3 (A) Man began using animals about 10,000 years ago.
4 (P) At present many animals are used for medical research.
5 (A) People and animals both depend on each other.
6 (P) Cars, companies, products are given animal names in the hope that they will be as handsome, fast and strong as these animals are.
7 (P) Commercial exploitation of animals should be limited.
8 (P) At present attempts are being made to domesticate ostriches.

D. Translate the sentences from ex. 4C into English.

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