Упр.6 Unit 3 Урок 89
ГДЗ Happy English Кауфман 9 класс

6 Заполните пропуски с a/the/some.

1. some. Я бы хотел немного сока.
2. the. Сок очень вкусный.
3. a. Съешь кусок пирога.
4. some; the. Дайте ему немного мороженого. Мороженое в холодильнике.
5. a. Чтобы приготовить борщ, мне нужна капуста.

6 Fill in the gaps with a / the / some.
1. I'd like some juice.
2. The juice is very tasty.
3. Have a piece of cake.
4. Give him some ice cream. The ice cream is in the fridge.
5. I need a cabbage to cook borscht.
7 Rewrite the dialogue in reported speech. Use the words explained, complained, replied, admitted.
Emma: What are you doing?
Anna: I'm reading.
Emma: Do you like the book?
Anna: No, the book is not interesting.
Emma: Would you like to go swimming with me?
Anna: I'm afraid I can't go with you. This is my homework.
Emma: When I was in the ninth form, we also had to read a lot of books.

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