Упр.9 Unit 4 Урок 34
ГДЗ Happy English Кауфман 9 класс

9 Сопоставьте выражения с переводами. Какие два выражения имеют один и тот же смысл?

1. to make up one's mind - h) принять решение
2. to make progress - b) делать успехи
3. to make friends - d) подружиться
4. to make a report - a) делать доклад
5. to make noise - e) шуметь
6. to make a decision - f) принять решение
7. to make money - c) зарабатывать деньги
8. to make a mistake - g) сделать ошибку
9. to do somebody a favour - i) делать кому-то одолжение
10. to do a course - J) учиться
11. to do housework, chores - l) делать работу по дому
12. to do homework - m) делать домашнюю работу
13. to do sports - n) заниматься спортом
14. to do some shopping - o) делать покупки
15. to do some cooking - k) готовить

1,6 have the same meaning (1, 6 имеют один и тот же смысл)

How to build words
What are the most important things for you in your relationship with your parents?
Form the necessary nouns from these words. Use the suffixes: -ship, -ness, -merit -hood, -ing, -dom, -ment or conversion.
friend, wise, happy, trust, kind, understand, help, love, free, fair, agree, close, forgive, polite
Verb activator
9 Match the expressions with the translations. Which two expressions have the same meaning?
10 Fill in the gaps. Use the correct form of make or do.
1. I'm busy. Tomorrow I'm going to ... a report.
2. Why are you ... so much noise? What's the matter?
3. What does she ...? She is a doctor.
4. Kate must ... up her mind quickly. The train is leaving.
5. Do you ... any sports? Yes, I ... aerobics. And you?
6. Have you ... your homework? — Not yet.
7. Could you ... me a favour and ... the shopping for me?
8. I have ... the same mistake again. Mom is going to nag me for a week!

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