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ГДЗ Spotlight 9 класс

1 Какие части тела нам нужны для пяти чувств ниже?

•слух • осязание • вид • вкус • запах

-> Нам нужны наши уши, чтобы слышать.

Подумайте ! Представьте, что у вас нет одного из этих чувств. Как бы ваша жизнь отличалась от нынешней? Скажите классу.

We need our fingers to touch (Нам нужны наши пальцы, чтобы осязать).
We need our eyes to see (Нам нужны наши глаза, чтобы видеть)
We need our mouth to taste (Нам нужен рот, чтобы вкушать).
We need our nose to smell (Нам нужен наш нос, чтобы ощущать запах).

If I wasn't able to see I wouldn't be able to go to school by myself. I wouldn't be able to read, watch TV or play sports. I would probably have to go to a special school and have a guide dog.
(Если бы я не мог видеть, я бы не смог сам ходить в школу. Я не мог бы читать, смотреть телевизор и заниматься спортом. Мне, вероятно, пришлось бы ходить в специальную школу и иметь собаку-гида.)

Imagine a person who couldn't see or hear but despite this, they could still write, read and make friends. They also went to university, wrote many books, travelled all over the world and met 12 US presidents. What an amazing person that would be! Incredibly, a person like this really existed! Her name was Helen Keller. She was from Alabama in the USA and she was both blind and deaf. When Helen was only 1 year old, she had a terrible illness which left her unable to see or hear. Over the next few years, Helen would often scream and be very badly behaved. When she was 7, Helen's family admitted that they needed help and they found a tutor for her, Anne Sullivan.
Anne, who had very poor eyesight herself, was very strict with Helen. She started to teach her to spell out words with her hands, such as 'doll' and 'cake' but Helen didn't really understand what the words meant. Then, one morning, Anne tried something new. She held Helen's hand under some water and spelled 'W-A-T-E-R' into her other hand. That day, Helen learned 30 words! From then on, Helen progressed rapidly. She learnt to read Braille and to type with both a Braille and an ordinary typewriter. She also learnt to understand what her teacher was saying by feeling her mouth when she spoke. When Helen was 20, she went to university, where she began to write her first book, 'The Story of My Life'. She graduated in 1904, becoming the first deaf-blind person to get a degree.
Helen wrote a lot of books and essays, gave lectures around the world and worked hard to raise money for and improve the living conditions of the blind. All in all, Helen's life was an incredible inspiration.
1 Which part(s) of the body do we need for the five senses below?
• hearing • touch • sight • taste • smell > We need our ears to hear.
Imagine you don't have one of these senses. How would your life be different to how it is now? Tell the class.

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