Упр.7a Модуль 7a
ГДЗ Spotlight 9 класс

7а) Заполните словами: напуган до смерти, мрачный вид, ярко-красный, на седьмом небе, позеленеть от зависти, снести крышу, бабочки в животе. Проверьте в Приложении 3.

1 У Саманты были бабочки в животе перед премьерой спектакля.
2 Ольга была напугана до смерти, когда она увидела призрак.
3 Юлия покраснела, когда учитель сказал ей перестать разговаривать.
4 Лиам умирал от зависти, когда он увидел новый автомобиль Джека - он хотел такой же!
5 У Сьюзен сегодня очень мрачное лицо. Я думаю, что она все еще расстроена провалом экзамена.
6 Антон был на седьмом небе, когда узнал, что он выиграл соревнования.
7 У Давида снесло крышу, когда он узнал, что его брат взял его MP3-плеер, не спрашивая.

1 butterflies in her stomach (бабочки в животе)
2 scared to death (напуган до смерти)
3 bright red (ярко-красный)
4 green with envy (позеленеть от зависти)
5 long face (мрачный вид)
6 over the moon (на седьмом небе)
7 through the roof (снести крышу)

7a Fill in: scared to death, long face, bright red, over the moon, green with envy, through the roof, butterflies in her stomach. Check in Appendix 3.
1 Samantha had........before the first performance of the play.
2 Olga was........when she saw the ghost.
3 Julia went........when her teacher told her off for talking.
4 Liam was........when he saw Jack's new car he wanted one too!
5 Susan has got a very........ today. I think she's still upset about failing the exam.
6 Antony was........when he found out that he had won the competition.
7 David went........when he found out that his brother had taken his MP3 player without asking.
"Come on, get in quickly!" your friend shouts from inside the lift that should take you up to the top floor of the department store. uErrm...ril take the stairs and meet you up there!" you yell back. As the doors close, you feel very relieved. It's a longway up to the eighth floor. 1 .........
If this sounds like you, or perhaps heights turn your legs to jelly, you scream loudly if you see even the tiniest spider in the bath or you shake like a leaf if you have to answer a question in class, you're not alone! The truth is, most of us are at least a little afraid of something - bees and wasps, for example, the dark, 2 .........So fear is a basic human emotion. In fact, we actually need it to survive. Whenever we meet danger or feel unsafe, the brain reacts, instantly sending signals to activate the body's nervous system. As a result, we might shake or sweat and our heart starts beating faster in order to pump more blood to our muscles to get us ready for action. 3 .........
This response is called 'fight or flight' and is only turned off when the brain gets enough information to be sure that there is no more danger. What is incredible is that all this can happen m just a few seconds!
Needless to say, fear is not always a good thing! People who have a phobia such as agoraphobia (fear of being in crowded public spaces such as a busy market or a bus , claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces like lifts or tunnels , arachnophobia (fear of spiders) or even something unusual like ablutophobia (fear of washing) are extremely afraid of something. This may have developed after a very scary experience. A teenager who was bitten by a dog as a young child, for example, may now be too afraid to walk to school with his friends in case he sees a dog. This is because his brain has remembered' the fear that he felt when the dog bit him. 4 .........This may embarrass him. cause him to miss out on spending time with his friends or even to be teased by them.
Between 5 and 10% of the population have phobias but there are ways to fight our fears. First of all. it's important to stop avoiding the scary situation. It may help to make a list of fears from the least to the most scary 5 .........This will not be easy, but when we see that our worst fears didn't come true, we will realise that they are irrational and there is no real reason to be afraid. Then, we will change how we respond to them 6 ........
A and then face them one by one.
В or taking exams.
С and eventually our fears will melt away!
D so now even just thinking about seeing a dog triggers the same fear reaction.
E but you don't care - anything to get out of going in a lift!
F which will help you to find out the reason for your fear.
G such as running away or fighting.

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