Упр.5 Модуль 5a
ГДЗ Spotlight 9 класс

5 Найдите антонимы к следующим словам.
Текст А: огромный, неважный, с нетерпением
Текст B: исключенный, неспособность
Текст С: красивый, ответственный, общественный, ничего не стоит

A huge – tiny (огромный – крошечный), unimportant – significant (неважный – значимый), impatiently – patiently (нетерпеливо – терпеливо)
B excluded – included (исключен – включен), inability – ability (неспособность – способность)
C beautiful – ugly (красивый – ужасный), responsible – irresponsible (ответственный – безответственный), public – private (общественный – частный), worthless – valuable (бесполезный – ценный)

5 Find the opposites to the following words.
Text A: huge, unimportant, impatiently
Text B: excluded, inability
Text C: beautiful, responsible, public, worthless
If you think art always means Picasso, Monet or Van Gogh, well, not everyone agrees with you! Just take a look at this...
A Micro-Sculptures
Willard Wigan (born in 1957 in England) is the creator of the smallest works of art on Earth! His miniature sculptures include The Titanic on a pinhead, a cat on an eyelash and the six wives of Henry VIII in the eye of a needle. Some are a lot smaller than the full stop at the end of this sentence. Wigan started making tiny things when he was a child. People made him feel small because he had learning difficulties, so he decided to show them how significant small could be! How does he create his unbelievable micro-sculptures? He slows his breathing, then patiently sculpts or paints between heartbeats, so that his hand stays perfectly still. He spends months carving his tiny creations from materials such as toothpicks, sugar crystals and grains of rice and then paints them with a tiny hair such as an eyelash. So how do visitors to Willard Wigan's exhibitions view his work? Through a microscope, of course!

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