Упр.6 Модуль 2a
ГДЗ Spotlight 9 класс

6 Вставьте: sleeping, zero, soft, space, pitch, lack, vacuum, airless, household, do (сон, нулевой, мягкий, пространство, поле, отсутствие, вакуум, безвоздушное, домашнее хозяйство, делать).
Выберите пять фраз и составьте предложения об астронавтах на МКС.

1 airless space(безвоздушный космос)
2 space station (космическая станция)
3 lack of gravity (отсутствие гравитации, притяжения)
4 sleeping bag (спальный мешок)
5 zero gravity (невесомость)
6 vacuum hose (вакуумный шланг)
7 muscles go soft (мышцы ослабевают)
8 household chores (домашние хлопоты)
9 football pitch (футбольное поле)
10 do experiments (делать эксперименты)

1 The astronauts travel through airless space.
(Космонавты путешествуют по безвоздушному космосу)
2 Life is not easy on the International Space Station.
(Жизнь не так проста на Международной космической станции)
3 Lack of gravity means things can float around in the spacecraft.
(Отсутствие гравитации означает, что вещи могут плавать где угодно по кораблю)
4 Astronauts have to strap their sleeping bags to the wall.
(Космонавтам нужно пристегивать свои спальные мешки к стене)
5 Zero gravity makes muscles go soft.
(Нулевая гравитация делает мышцы ослабленными)
6 The astronauts keep themselves clean with a vacuum hose.
(Космонавты моются при помощи вакуумного шланга)
7 Their muscles go soft in space, so they have to exercise regularly.
(Их мускулы ослабевают в космосе, поэтому им нужно регулярно заниматься)
8 Even on ISS, they still have to do household chores.
(Даже на МКС они должны выполнять домашние дела)
9 The station is the size of a football pitch.
(Станция размером с футбольное поле)
10 Astronauts spend a lot of time doing experiments.
(Космонавты тратят много времени занимаясь экспериментами)

6 Fill in: sleeping, zero, soft, space, pitch, lack, vacuum, airless, household, do.
Choose five phrases and make sentences about the astronauts on the ISS.
1) How would you like to live three hundred and sixty kilometers above the Earth, flying at almost thirty thousand kilometres an hour through dark, airless space? Well, that's exactly how the astronauts working on the giant International Space Station (ISS) live. 'Cool!' you might say. Well... maybe. Let's take a look at what it's really like to live in space.
2) Living in zero gravity means doing lots of things differently. First of all, you can forget about having a nice hot shower in the morning, as the water droplets would simply float away. Astronauts have to use a vacuum hose to wash with. Also, when muscles don't have to work against gravity as they do here on Earth, they go soft. So the residents of the ISS actually spend 2 hours a day working out on exercise bikes and rowing machines.
3) There's no escape from household chores on the ISS. As dangerous bacteria grow quickly in zero gravity, the astronauts clean the whole station every day, which is about the size of a football pitch! Also the lack of gravity makes the simplest things in life seem quite weird! Take eating for example, to stop their meals floating away, astronauts have to 'post' food packages into a special tray and then strap the tray to their legs. At least there's no washing up to do, though. The astronauts simply put their dirty dishes and rubbish into plastic bags and send them back to Earth.
4) When it comes to sleeping, there's no need for a bedroom! The astronauts could sleep anywhere, but they can't risk bumping into any computer controls so they strap themselves into a sleeping bag on the wall. It's a truly relaxing experience, as nothing presses against the skin. It's important to cover your eyes, however, to block out the light of the sun as the sun rises and sets every 45 minutes when you are orbiting the Earth.
5) So, when astronauts aren't doing experiments or chores or repairing equipment, do they get any free time? Well, a little! They often send emails back home, read books or watch movies, but most of all they like to stare out of the window and take pictures of their real home, Earth!

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