Упр.4 Модуль 7d
ГДЗ Spotlight 8 класс

4 Кто что говорит? Соедините работу с высказываниями.
1 Это Ларри Форестер, из Глазго.
2 А сейчас все готовы поприветствовать Бритни Спирс! Здравствуй, Бритни!
3 У нас есть главный канал, заинтересованный в покупке этого шоу.
4 Это были сегодняшние рубрики. А сейчас они закончились и впереди прогноз погоды.
5 Попытайтесь еще раз, но говорите громче в этот раз, так, чтобы вы звучали действительно злым.
6 Держите первую страницу!
7 Качество звука не очень хорошее.

1 reporter (репортер)
2 presenter (ведущий)
3 producer (продюсер)
4 newsreader (диктор)
5 director (директор)
6 editor (редактор)
7 sound engineer (звукооператор)

4 Who says what? Match the jobs to the statements.
1 This is Larry Forester, live from Glasgow.
2 And now everybody get ready to welcome Britney Spears! Hello there, Britney!
"When I got the call from a family that there was a Koala in their backyard, I thought 1 .................."These words came from Vicki Pender of the Queensland Parks anil Wildlife Services. Koala bears roam around in search of food. If they see a Eucalyptus tree, 2 .................regardless of where it is. "When 1 got there it was obvious the Koala was restless. I had to give her an injection 3 ..................Just then. I heard a loud cry from a tree nearby. It was her little Joey screaming for its mum!"Joey is what a baby Koala is called. Vicki realised just then how critical it was 4 ...................
Baby Koalas or Joeys are completely dependent on their mums and have very specialised diets. They cannot survive 5 ................"At that point, I turned my attention to the baby and coaxed it out of die tree." Luckily, mum and Joey were rescued and had a short stay in the animal hospital. Before long. 6 ..................Together they disappeared into the leaves, happy to settle in for some dinner.
3 We have a major channel interested in buying this show.
4 Those were today's headlines. And now it's over to Jenny for the weather forecast.
5 Try it again, but make your voice louder this time so you sound really angry.
6 Hold the front page!
7 The sound quality is not very good.

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