Упр.2 Модуль 2c
ГДЗ Spotlight 8 класс

2 Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Настоящее совершенное или Настоящее совершенное продолжительное время (Present Perfect или Present Perfect Continuous).
1A: Вы видели папу?
B: Да, он в гараже. Он пытается починить машину больше часа.
2A: Я знаю Энн в течение трех лет.
B: Она учится с тобой так долго?
3A: Боб сбросил много веса!
B: Да, он неправильно питался в последнее время.
4A: Вы убирались все утро?
B: Нет, я только начал.

A: Have you seen (вы видели)
B: has been trying (пытались)
A: have known (знали)
B: Has she been studying (она училась)
A: has lost (потерял)
B: has not been eating (не ел)
A: Have you been cleaning (вы чистили)
B: have just started (только что начался)

2 Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous.
1 A: ........(you/see) dad?
B: Yes, he's at the garage. He........(try) to repair the car for over an hour.
2 A: I........(know) Ann for three years now.
B: ........(she/study) with you for that long?
3 A: Bob........(lose) a lot of weight!
B: Yes, he........(not/eat) properly lately.
4 A: ........(you/clean) all morning?
B: No. I.......(just/start).
Today we're celebrating Buy Nothing Day at our school by holding an Eco-bazaar. We have been working hard on it all week. All the students have brought in a few items from home that are still in good condition. We receive coupons in return for each item. Now we are using the coupons to buy other things.
Erica, 15
We have decided to do simple things on Buy Nothing Day. We've walked to school instead of taking the bus and we've asked our parents not to go to the supermarket.
James, 16

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