Упр.5b Модуль 2a ГДЗ Spotlight 8 класс

b Как вы любите готовить мясо, яйца, картофель и овощи? Задайте вопросы и ответьте на них, как в примере.
A: Я люблю яичницу. А вы?
В: Я предпочитаю есть их всмятку.

Решение #1

A: How do you prefer your meat cooked?
B: I like it medium-rare. How about you?
A: Well-done for me. What about eggs? How do you like them?
B: I enjoy my eggs scrambled. How about you?
A: I'm a fan of sunny-side-up. And potatoes?
B: Mashed potatoes are my favorite. You?
A: I like them roasted. And vegetables?
B: Steamed vegetables are great.

A: Как ты предпочитаешь готовить мясо?
B: Мне нравится средней прожарки. А ты?
A: Для меня хорошо прожаренное. А яйца? Как ты их любишь?
B: Я предпочитаю яйца-болтуньи. А ты?
A: Мне нравятся яичницы. А картошка?
B: Мне нравятся картофельное пюре. А ты?
A: Я предпочитаю запеченный. А овощи?
B: Овощи на гриле - отличный выбор.

Решение #2

A: How do you want your meat prepared?
B: Medium, please. How about you?
A: Rare for me. And eggs?
B: I usually go for poached eggs. What about you?
A: I like mine boiled. Now, potatoes?
B: Baked potatoes are my choice. How about you?
A: I prefer mashed. Lastly, what about vegetables?
B: Grilled vegetables are delicious.

A: Как ты хочешь приготовить мясо?
B: Среднюю, пожалуйста. А ты?
A: Для меня редкое. А яйца?
B: Обычно предпочитаю яйца-пашот. Как насчет тебя?
A: Мне нравятся вареные. А картошка?
B: Мне нравятся запеченные картошки. А ты?
A: Я предпочитаю картошку пюре. И последнее, как насчет овощей?
B: Жареные овощи вкусные.

Решение #3

A: I love pickled vegetables. How about you? (Мне нравятся маринованные овощи. А тебе?)
B: I prefer them steamed. (Я предпочитаю овощи на парУ)
Приведем выдержку из задания из учебника Юлия Ваулина, Джунни Дули 8 класс, Просвещение:
b How do you like your meat, eggs, potatoes and vegetables? Ask and answer, as in the example.
A: I love scrambled eggs. How about you?
В: I prefer them poached.

It's lunchtime at school and you're heading for the canteen, but what will you have to eat? Will you have a sandwich and an apple, or maybe a hot meal? Things are a little different in Japan. Children open their lunchboxes to find rice shaped like footballs, eggs that look like rabbits or flower-shaped carrots all packed up in an obento!
An obento, or bento, is one of the oldest food traditions in Japan. Basically, it is lunch served in a box. Obento boxes have been part of the Japanese society since the 5th century when people used to take a packed lunch with them to work. Bentos have become very popular since then and you can buy them almost anywhere nowadays at theatres, airports and even at train stations.
An obento usually consists of four parts rice, three parts meat or fish (fried or grilled), two parts vegetables (pickled1, boiled or steamed) and one part fruit. It should be nourishing and healthy, but it must be appealing too. You often see food shaped like flowers, animals and sometimes even cartoon characters! Mothers take great pride in creating 'school-bentos' for their children.
Nursery schools have established regulations for an obento. Food should be easy to eat with chopsticks or the fingers, portions should be small and it should be pleasing to the eye. It should also include food that the child would not normally eat so that they won't become a fussy eater.
The Japanese have always looked upon the mother as one of the main influences of a child's success. Taking time to prepare their children's food shows their love for them.
And what happens if a Japanese mum runs out of ideas? There are almost 400 magazines available to get inspired.
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