Упр.1 Модуль 2c ГДЗ Spotlight 7 класс

1 а) Послушайте и соедините звуки 1-10 со словами a-j. Какие из этих звуков произведены людьми?
а вздох
b храп
c плач
d оханье
e смех
f болтание
e шторм
h порыв ветра
i шёпот
j зевок

Решение #1

a 8
b 6
c 9
d 5
e 10
f 7
g 4
h 3
i 1
j 2
All of these sounds are made by people except storm and gust of wind.
Все эти звуки произведены людьми, кроме «шторм» и «порыв ветра».

b) Какие из слов сверху могут быть как и существительными, так и глаголами?
- вздох – вздыхать

Решение #

a sing- to sing
a snore- to snore
a cry- to cry
a gasp- to gasp
a laugh –to laugh
a chat - to chat
a storm - to storm
a whisper - to whisper
a yawn - to yawn

с) Посмотрите на картинки. Можете ли рассказать историю? Прочитайте, послушайте и проверьте. Это литературная работа или правдивая история?

Решение #

• Last winter some friends went to stay in their uncle’s house. The lights went out and they couldn’t find Andy. When the lights came on they found him behind a sofa. (Прошлой зимой друзья отправились к дому их тёти, чтобы остаться там. Выключился свет, и они не могли найти Энди)
• It is a real life story. (Это настоящая жизненная история)
Приведем выдержку из задания из учебника Юлия Ваулина, Джунни Дули 7 класс, Просвещение:
1 a) Listen and match the sounds 1-10 to the words a-j. Which of these sounds are made by people?
a sigh
b snore
c cry
d gasp
e laugh
f chat
e storm
h gust of wind
i whisper
j yawn

b) Which of the words above can be both nouns and verbs?
- a sigh - to sigh

c) Look at the pictures. Can you tell the story? Read, listen and check. Is it a literary work or a true story?
One Saturday last winter, my best friends Amy, Maria, Greg, Andy and I decided to spend the weekend in my uncle’s big, old house in the country. It was stormy outside, so we decided to spend a cosy evening chatting together in the living room downstairs.
Suddenly, there was a powerful gust of wind. The lights flickered and then went out altogether. ‘What was that?’ I said. ‘Don’t worry, John, it’s just a power cut, ’ Greg reassured me. We carried on laughing and telling scary stories in the dark. After a while, there was a bright flash of lightning that Iit up the whole room. There was a Ioud gasp. ‘Andy is missing!’ Amy cried.
We all looked at each other confused and scared, because no one had seen Andy leave the room. We felt our way around the house, calling Andy, but there was no reply. We went back to the living room and tried to think of what to do next. Just then, there was a loud snore from the corner of the room. At that moment, the lights came back on. There was Andy, fast asleep on a big, velvet sofa!
Andy sat up sleepily, rubbing his eyes. Oh good, the lights are back on!’ he said. ‘I was sleepy and felt like a snooze. I didn't want anyone to trip over me so I crawled over here. We were all very relieved.
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