Упр.1 Модуль 6 Extensive Reading ГДЗ Spotlight 6 класс

1 Какая картинка показывает:
• перчаточную куклу?
• марионетку?
• пальчиковую куклу?

Решение #

a glove puppet — picture 2 (перчаточная кукла — картинка 2)
a marionette — picture 1 (марионетка — картинка 1)
a finger puppet — picture 3 (пальчиковая кукла — картинка 3)
Приведем выдержку из задания из учебника Юлия Ваулина, Джунни Дули 6 класс, Просвещение:
Puppet show
Everyone loves puppets! They are fun, sometimes crazy, and even when they are sad they still make us laugh.
There are many different types of puppets. Some are very easy to make but others can be more difficult. Glove puppets are one of the easiest types of puppets to make. You just take a piece of cloth, attach a wooden or rubber head and put it over your hand. You use your fingers to move the puppet’s head and the arms.
The marionette is a more difficult puppet to make and to use, but it’s more fun to play than the glove puppet. Marionettes have whole bodies and legs and can move in many ways. The puppeteer uses strings to move it.
We can use puppets to educate or to tell stories, but with puppets we always have fun. When we see puppets move and talk we forget that they are just plastic, wood or cloth and we enter a world of adventure and fun.

1 Which picture shows:
• a glove puppet?
• a marionette?
• a finger puppet?
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