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Упр.5 Модуль 7a
ГДЗ Spotlight 11 класс

5 Закончите предложения фразами: "dash one's hopes, in the hope that, hope for the best, get one's hopes up, give up hope, have high hopes of, pin one's hopes on" в правильной форме. Используйте каждую фразу в другом собственном примере.
1 Мы могли бы уехать в эти выходные, но не надейтесь - мне, вероятно, придется работать.
2 Он бросил свою работу в надежде на то, что он найдет что-то получше.
3 Я не менял своё колесо раньше, но я решил попробовать и надеяться на лучшее.
4 Ужасная травма разбила надежды Грега на достижения в Олимпийских играх.
5 Майк возлагает надежды на получение этой работы. Он не подавал заявки никуда больше.
6 Я никогда не оставлял надежду на то, что я однажды стану известным певцом.
7 Джоанн возлагает большие надежды поступить в университет.

1 get your hopes up (надейся)
2 in the hope that (в надежде, что)
3 hope for the best (надеяться на лучшее)
4 dashed, hopes (возможности)
5 is pinning his hopes on (возлагает надежды на)
6 gave up hope (оставлял надежду)
7 has high hopes of (возлагает высокие надежды)

Английский оригинал текста:
5 Complete the sentences with the phrases: dash one's hopes, in the hope that, hope for the best, get one's hopes up, give up hope, have high hopes of, pin one's hopes on in the correct form. Use each phrase in another example of your own.
1 We might be able to go away this weekend, but don't ...... - I may have to work.
2 He gave up his job ......... he would find something better.
3 I hadn't changed a tyre before but I decided to have a go and ..........
4 A terrible injury ............. Greg's .......... of reaching the Olympics.
5 Mike..............getting this job. He hasn't applied for anything else.
6 I never ........... that I would become a famous singer one day.
7 Joanne ............. going to university.
Did you know that it took Abraham Lincoln thirty years to achieve his dream of becoming President of the United States? After losing his mother at a young age, his first attempt at business ended in failure. Then he failed to 1 ......... into law school, which he desperately wanted. He eventually became a lawyer, but then he was defeated for congress three times and got less than one hundred votes when he ran for Vice-President. He was finally elected sixteenth President of the United States when he was sixty years old. He faced countless insurmountable obstacles, but he never gave up. He just kept on going until he reached his goal!
So what about you? You may not dream of being a world leader, but perhaps you long to become a lawyer, an astronaut or an inventor, to climb Mount Everest or perhaps simply to do something to help those less fortunate than yourself. At times, achieving these ambitions may seem impossible and, like Abraham Lincoln, you might come up against incredible 3 difficulties. But 2 .............. heart because there are some very practical steps you can take to help make your dreams come true...
• Believe in yourself
Without a doubt, this is the first step on the road to achieving your dreams! And this means not listening to anyone who tells you, 'You can't.' Einstein, Beethoven and Edison, all knew about this. Einstein was considered an 'unteachable fool' by his early teachers, Beethoven's music teacher told him he was a 'hopeless composer', and Thomas Edison's mother was told to 3 ........... him from school because he was 'too stupid to learn'. Sometimes, though, it's not others that we have to worry about. Many times, we are our own worst enemy. We look at ourselves and all we can see are our weaknesses, failings and defeats. But when you banish self-doubt, you are capable of doing everything you attempt to the best of your 4 ........... because you believe you can succeed. As Henry Ford once put it, 'If you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right.'
• Take steps to achieve your dreams
Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! In other words, achieving your dreams is usually a process involving a lot of 5 .......... work and perseverance. Therefore, read books, take courses, practise for hours or do whatever you need to do that will give you the skills to achieve your goals. After all, in the words of Thomas Edison, 'Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.'
• Don't give up
Finally, don't be afraid of failure on the way to achieving your dreams. Michael Jordan is someone who understands this very well. 'I've failed over and over again in my life,' he once said, 'and that is why I succeed.' Thomas Edison's life proves to us that this is true. After 50 thousands of failures, each of which showed him how not to make a light bulb, he was able to achieve a success that would change people's lives for ever. In the same 6 ........... , George Lucas' script for Star Wars was initially rejected by various studios. If he had given up at this point, he would have never seen Star Wars become one of the most popular films of all 7 ............ !
So, never say never. Believe you can climb that mountain, swim that ocean or reach that place, and surely one day you will. There would be no Ford cars, Star Wars, light bulbs or Beethoven symphonies if this was not true!

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