Упр.4 Модуль 6e ГДЗ Spotlight 11 класс

4 Прочитайте таблицу. Какие связывающие слова/фразы были использованы в модели эссе в Упр.2? Какова функция каждого из них? Замените их другими подходящими.

Решение #

however (однако) - to introduce contrasting points (ввести контрастные точки зрения)
То start with (для начала) - to introduce points (представить точки зрения)
In addition (в дополнение) - to add more points (добавить еще точки зрения)
Lastly (наконец) - to add more points (добавить еще точки зрения)
such as (такие как) - to introduce examples (представить примеры)
On the other hand (с другой стороны) - to introduce contrasting points (представить контрастные точки зрения)
Taking everything into consideration (принимая всё во внимание) - to Conclude (заключить)

however -> in contrast
To start with -> First of all, Firstly, In the first place
In addition -> Secondly, Furthermore, Not to mention the fact that
Lastly -> last but not least
such as -> for example, in particular, like
On the other hand -> In contrast; However, Nonetheless
Taking everything into consideration -> In conclusion, All things considered, Taking everything in account, All in all
4) Read the table. Which linking words/phrases have been used in the model essay in Ex. 2? What is the function of each? Replace them with other appropriate ones.
) to introduce points) ) ) firstly, first of all, one major advantage/ disadvantage of ... is, one point of view in favour of/against ... is, in the first place
) to add more points) in addition (to this , secondly, last but not least, lastly, furthermore, what is more, not to mention the fact that
) to introduce examples
in particular, for example, such as, like, for instance
) to introduce contrasting points) )
nonetheless, in contrast, on the other hand, however, although, even though
) to conclude) )
in conclusion, finally, all things considered, on the whole, all in all, taking everything into account, to sum up