Упр.3 Модуль 7c
ГДЗ Spotlight 10 класс рабочая тетрадь

3 Вставьте: by или with.
1 Музыку играла местная группа.
2 Мясо было приправлено травами.
3 Замок феи был сделан с помощью пустых банок.
4 Картина была написана моей сестрой.
5 Пешеход был сбит автомобилем.
6 Суп едят ложкой.

1 by
2 with
3 with
4 by
5 by
6 with

3 Fill in: by or with.
1 The music was played by a local band.
2 The meat was flavoured with herbs.
3 The fairies' castle was made with empty cans.
4 The picture was painted by my sister.
5 The pedestrian was knocked over by a car.
6 Soup is eaten with a spoon.