Упр.3b Модуль 8a ГДЗ Spotlight 10 класс

3b) К кому/чему относятся подчеркнутые местоимения?

Решение #

... couldn't organise my life without it - her mobile phone (Не могла организовать свою жизнь без него - ее мобильный телефон)
... if I keep calling them - her parents (Если я позвоню им - ee родителям)
... good voice recorder on it - his mobile phone (Хороший диктофон на нем - его мобильный телефон)
... listen to them - university lectures (Их слушать - университетские лекции)
... ashamed to admit it - the fact that he is hooked on his PlayStation 2 (Стыдно признаться - факт, что он помешан на PlayStation 2)
... very keen on it - his Playstation 2 (очень увлекается этим - его Playstation 2)
... change documents on it - her PDA (редактирует документы на нём - ее КПК)
It keeps my whole life together - her PDA (Здесь вся моя жизнь – ее КПК)
... feel quite lost without it - her PDA (чувствует себя потерянной без него – ее КПК)
... when I visited them - her clients (когда я посещаю их – ее клиенты)
... edit them using software - home movies (редактирую их с помощью программного обеспечения - домашние фильмы)
... It's a great pastime - making home movies (Это отличное времяпрепровождение - создание домашних видеофильмов)
Приведем выдержку из задания из учебника Юлия Ваулина, Джунни Дули 10 класс, Просвещение:
b Who/What do the underlined pronouns in the article refer to?

Andy Cooper (UK , age 19, Physics student, likes: music & video games
"I'm a complete techno freak, so it's hard to pick just three things I couldn't live without! Firstly, though, I guess no one these days can survive without their mobile. Mine has got quite a good voice recorder on it so I often use it to record my university lectures so that I can listen to them again at home. It's really handy. The second thing I really love is the portable DVD player that I won in a competition last year. I'm studying at a university far away from my home town so it's really nice to be able to put on my headphones and watch movies on the long bus journey back. I'm a bit ashamed to admit jt but I'm totally hooked on my PlayStation 2®! I know I'm 19 but I am still very keen on jt. I can play for hours!

Tina Appleby (USA , age 33, accountant, likes: cinema & photography
"I'm a businesswoman so I suppose it goes without saying that I really couldn't live without my laptop and PDA. I'm not a naturally organised person so my PDA in particular really helps me out. I use it as a diary, I change documents on jt when I'm on the move and yes, I even play games on it on the underground on my way to work! it keeps my whole life together to the extent that I would feel quite lost without jt! And my laptop allows me to store all the information my clients need. I don't have to carry lots of heavy files when I visit them.
Apart from work, I've always had a passion for photography, so my absolute favourite gadget at the moment is my new digital camcorder. I'm having so much fun making home movies. I edit them using software on my laptop. It's a great pastime."
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