Упр.6a Модуль 4e
ГДЗ Spotlight 10 класс

6a) Посмотрите на список связывающих слов в таблице. Какие из них вы можете увидеть в эссе на с.72? Какова цель каждого из них? Замените их на подходящие альтернативы.

however - to contrast, To begin with - to list, In addition - to add a point, On the other hand - to contrast, Firstly - to list, Also - to add a point, All things considered - to conclude, For this reason - to introduce results/examples
Nevertheless, Firstly, Also, However, To begin with, In addition, All in all, Consequently

6. a Look at the list of linkers in the table. Which of them can you see in the essay on p. 72? What is the purpose of each one? Replace them with suitable alternatives.

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