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6 Используйте идеи из аудирования в упр.5, чтобы написать короткий эссе, выражающий ваше мнение о праве ребенка на бесплатное образование.

To my mind, every child has a right to a free education. And I believe that it is better to gain knowledge in school, because in school children socialise with other people. Unfortunately, in some countries there is lack of schools and children just do not get education. I think that this problem can be solve, first of all, by government, because it has enough money and force. Moreover, mass media can bring people's attention to this problem and maybe someone will want to raise money to solve problem with lack of school and teachers.

По моему мнению, каждый ребёнок имеет право на бесплатное образование. И я верю, что лучше получать знания в школе, потому что в школе дети общаются с другими людьми. К сожалению, в некоторых странах существует недостаток школ и дети просто не получают образования. Я думаю, что эта проблема может быть решена, во-первых, правительством, потому что у него есть достаточно денег и сил. Более того, СМИ могут привлечь внимание людей к этой проблеме и возможно кто-то захочет вложить деньги в решение проблемы недостатка школ и учителей.

Free Education For All
In my opinion, all children should have the right to a free education. They should have access to a school in their local area that is equipped with enough teachers so that the class sizes are less than 30 students to a class. The schools should also have enough books, supplies and facilities for every child. The classes should be for children of a similar age and education level so that students can get an education that is appropriate for them. I also believe that schools should teach practical subjects as well that will help children in deprived areas to find a decent job.
Бесплатное образование для всех
На мой взгляд, все дети должны иметь право на бесплатное образование. Они должны иметь доступ к школе в их районе, которая оснащена достаточным количеством учителей, чтобы размеры класса были меньше 30 учеников в классе. Школы также должны иметь достаточно книг, материалов и средств для каждого ребенка. Классы должны быть для детей аналогичного возраста и уровня образования, чтобы ученики могли получить образование, которое подходит для них. Я также считаю, что школы также должны научить практическим предметам, что поможет детям в бедных районах найти достойную работу.

6 Use ideas from the tapescript in Ex. 5 to write a short paragraph expressing your opinion about a child's right to a free education.
Sao Sebastia о de Jaqara, Brazil
20th April
To all the pupils and teachers at Mill House Secondary School,
Greetings from Brazil! I've been here for just a week, but already I have so much to share with you about the children and teachers I've met here!
Sadly, conditions at the village school here are much worse than I expected. For example, there are pupils here from 7 to 11 years old, and there is only one teacher, Mrs Da Silva, and she teaches them all at the same time. For this reason, they only go to school for four hours a day. Mrs Da Silva tries really hard and she is so busy that it's impossible for her to give everyone the help they need. She is also not very well- paid and gets no support.
What is more, if the children want to continue school after Year 4, then they have to go and live in Porto De Moz, the town where the nearest large school is. Unfortunately, though, this means that they have to stay with another family and get a job to pay for their rent and food because it is quite far away. An 11-year-old student called Eliane told me that's what his brothers and sister do and he only sees them twice a year when they come home for the holidays. He wants to finish school, but he doesn't want to leave his family. He wouldn't have to make this tough decision if his school had more teachers.
Did you know Brazil is not the only country that needs more teachers? Over 15 million teachers are needed around the world so that children can go to school and get an education. I think we should do something to help. We could write a letter to the Prime Minister or we could organise some sponsored events to raise money. Why don't you all think of some ideas and when I come back we can put them into action?
See you all in a couple of weeks!
Ann Myles

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