Упр.4a Модуль 2a
ГДЗ Spotlight 10 класс

4а На что, вы думаете, подростки в вашей стране тратят свои деньги? Выберите из списка.
• одежда и аксессуары • счета за коммунальные услуги • питание
• карты для мобильных телефонов • сладости и закуски • аренда • автобус • бензин • компьютерные игры • CD/DVD • выход в свет (кино, концерты, спортивные мероприятия • журналы/книги/комиксы • закупки в супермаркетах

• clothes and accessories (одежда и аксессуары)
• going out (выход в свет (кино, концерты, спортивные мероприятия))
• magazine/books/comics (журналы/книги/комиксы)

4a What do you think teenagers in your country spend their money on? Choose from the list.
• clothes and accessories • household bills • eating out
• mobile phone cards • sweets and snacks • rent • bus fares • petrol • computer games • CDs/DVDs • going out (cinema, concerts, sporting events) • magazines/ books/comics • supermarket shopping
1 'I can never resist buying the latest fashions, and I eat out with my friends at least once a week. I guess I'm quite rich for a teenager! I earn ?50 a week from my weekend job, and my parents give me an extra ?20.'
(Patricia. 15, Swansea)
2 'I am a first year university student and I have to survive on my student loan, which is ?70 a week. It's not really enough. I had a credit card but I cut it up. I spend my money on snacks, bus fares, going to the gym and going out.'
(Hayley, 19, Middlesex)
3 'I'm football crazy! I follow my team wherever they play. My parents give me ?20 a week pocket money, and I earn an extra ?40 a week helping my dad in his shop.'
(Lee, 14. Manchester)
4 'I get ?15 a week and I spend it on computer games, CDs, comics, going out - anything really. I can't get a job at the moment because I'm studying for my exams.'
(Josh, 15, Enfield)
5 'I earn ?20 a week by doing household chores for my parents. I'm mad about computer games and spend hours playing with my friends. My parents can't afford to splash out on expensive things for me, so I save the money I earn from my Saturday job."
(Robert, 15. Kent)
6 'I get ?10 a week. I enjoy going on shopping sprees and buying magazines. At the moment I'm saving up for a mobile phone.'
(Andy, 13. Devon)
b What do you spend your money on?
> A: I spend most of my money on ...
B: Me too. I also buy...

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