Упр.3 Модуль 1a ГДЗ Spotlight 10 класс

3 Прочитайте еще раз. Ответьте на вопросы 1-6. Кто...
1 хотел бы жить где-то в другом месте?
2 любит смотреть смешные программы на телевидении?
3 любит покупать одежду, но не тратя слишком много денег на нее?
4 предпочитает проводить его/ее свободное время, занимаясь необычной деятельностью?
5 любит проводить некоторые из его/ее выходных со своей семьей?
6 злится, находясь с членами его/ее семьи?

Решение #

1-C Jamie
2-A Fiona
3-B Josie
4-E Brandon
5-D Kim
6-F Emily
1-C Jamie
2-A Fiona
3-B Josie
4-E Brandon
5-D Kim
6-F Emily
Приведем выдержку из задания из учебника Юлия Ваулина, Джунни Дули 10 класс, Просвещение:
3 Read again. Answer questions 1-6. Who...
1 would rather live somewhere else?
2 enjoys watching funny programmes on television?
3 likes buying clothes but not spending too much money on them?
4 prefers to spend his/her free time doing unusual activities?
5 enjoys spending some of his/her weekend with their family?
6 gets angry with members of his/her family?

What's it like being 16?
We spoke to six 16-year-olds from around the world to find out what they and their friends like to do in their free time. Here's what they had to say.

Fiona, 16
Galway, Ireland
"I've got lots of friends and we're all into the same kind of things. We like watching TV, especially comedies and my all-time favourite is Father Ted. We love music too, and I'm really into indie* bands like The Bravery and the Arctic Monkeys. I try to go to as many gigs** as I can. I'm not really into fashion. I can't stand shopping and I couldn't care less about designer labels."

Josie, 16
Glasgow, Scotland
"I really like shopping. I think it's a relaxing, enjoyable pastime. So much so, I can spend hours window shopping in the city centre with my friends. H&M is my favourite clothes shop because you can always find great bargains there. I also like going to the cinema and I try to catch a film at least once a fortnight with my friend, Tom. Everyone my age is crazy about mobile phones and texting has become a new national pastime!"

Jamie, 16
Crystal Brook, Australia
"I live with my family on a farm near a small town in South Australia. The countryside is beautiful around here and I go walking and horse riding a lot, but life is generally boring. I don't fancy living here when I'm older and dream of going to live in a big city. My friends and I spend a lot of time on the Internet playing games and chatting and we watch DVDs. Of course, like all teenagers, we always have homework to do."

Kim, 16
Vancouver, Canada
"During the week I don't do much in the evenings I apart from my homework, so I really look forward to the weekends.
On Saturdays, I usually hang out with my friends down at the shopping mall where we check out the shops for new clothes, grab a bite to eat and watch a movie.
On Sundays, I usually go for a trip to the countryside with my parents. I love that."

Brandon, 16
Seattle, USA
"I'm an active person. I hate TV. I find sitting in front of a TV screen a waste of time. I'm fascinated by the great outdoors. I'm a skateboard fanatic and get to and from school every day on one. At the weekends, I try to get out of the city and go rock climbing or paragliding.
Extreme sports are my passion! I think it's important to look good too and I go for the sporty look."

Emily, 16
London, England
"I like keeping fit, buying expensive clothes and dance music!
I love going out clubbing with my friends at the weekends - we dance all night. I have two younger sisters, but we fight a lot because they always want to wear my clothes. That's so annoying -1 hate it when they do that!"
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