Упр.2 Уроки 5-6 Unit 3 Рабочая тетрадь
New Millennium English 10 класс

2 Посмотрите на картинку семьи, сидящей вокруг стола
• напишите 10 предложений
Например: Семья сидит вокруг стола.
1 напротив
2 между
3 рядом с
4 на
5 снаружи
6 за
7 в середине
8 наверху
9 над

1 A beautiful lamp is above the table.
2 There is a Dig cake in the middle of the table.
3 There are nuts on top of the cake.
4 Pete is leaning against the wall.
5 Ann is the youngest among them.
6 The weather is fine outside.
7 Mother is putting sweets onto the table.
8 John is sitting between Ann and Mary.
9 Mary is sitting opposite father.
10 Pussy is sitting next to father.
11 There is a TV set behind Ann. Etc.

2 Look at the picture of a family sitting around the table.
• Write 10 sentences describing the picture using the following prepositions of place:
Example: The family are sitting around the table.
1 opposite
2 between
3 next to
4 onto
5 outside
6 behind
7 in the middle
8 on top of
9 above

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