Упр.52 Unit 1 ГДЗ English Михеева 10 класс

52 а) Напишите ряд деталей, чтобы описать одну из этих тем: яблоко (или другой фрукт), животное, сад, гостиная

b) Напишите описание одной из тем выше.
52 a) Write a set of details to describe one of these topics: apple (or other fruit), animal, garden, sitting room.
b) Write a description of one of the topics above.
Write a description of the painting by V. Serov.
Your topic sentence should tell what the painting is about, in other words, what the subject of the painting is. You should mention if the painting includes people or shapes, if it is a landscape or a still life. Write what the colours are. Use a natural order to describe the details of the picture. Be sure to use exact words to create your description. Describe the feeling it gives you.