Упр.10 Unit 3 Урок 56
ГДЗ Happy English Кауфман 8 класс

10 Перерисуйте таблицу в свои рабочие тетради и заполните ее фразами из Основ разговора.

When you agree
When you don't agree
When you are interrupting
When you support your
I agree with you.
I don't agree with you.
Could I say something here?
As a rule,
I think so too.
I'm afraid that's wrong.
Could I ask a question?
I can prove it.
That's very true.
I'm afraid 1 can't agree with you.
May I interrupt for a moment?
For example,
You are right.
Yes, but don't you think...
Do you really think so?
Sorry, but...
Do you really think so?
That's exactly what I wanted to say.
Do you really think so?

10 Copy the table into your exercise books and fill it in with the phrases from the Conversation bricks.