Упр.3 Unit 3 Урок 2
ГДЗ Happy English Кауфман 8 класс

3 Перерисуйте таблицу в свою рабочую тетрадь и заполните ее предложениями из диалога.

саn dо
Could do
was/were able to do
will be able to do
The text is very long and we can't e-mail it.
Were you able to translate the story?
If he learns it. he'll he able to translate the other stories.
He was able to scan the document and find an e-mail adress for Mr Jenkins.
Yes, and he takes it for granted that we won't be able to find him.
If we're lucky, we'll be able to get the book back tomorrow.
They'll be able to stop our virus easily.
I'm sure he'll be able to help.

3 Copy the table into your exercise books and fill it in with the sentences from the dialogue.

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