Упр.6 Unit 1 Урок 1213
ГДЗ Happy English Кауфман 10 класс

6 Напишите о вашем обычном выходном. Собираетесь ли вы делать что-то отличное на следующих выходных? Есть ли у вас уже планы? Напишите 8-12 предложений.

Every Saturday I try to help my family with housework. Usually I clean all rooms at home while my sister washes clothes, water flowers etc. In the evening I go shopping with my family. Sometimes we go to the countryside, where my grandparents live. On Sunday I always try to meet my friends. We often go to the cinema or to the theatre. If we have the sunny weather, we walk in our city park or play football or basketball in the playground. But this weekend we are going to go to the bowling centre. My friend hasn’t been there yet, so we plan to teach him playing bowling.

6 Write about your usual weekend. Are you going to do anything different next weekend? Have you got any plans already? What are they? Write 8-12 sentences.
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