Упр.78 Unit 4
ГДЗ Enjoy English 9 класс

78 Работайте в одних и тех же группах. Обсудите идеи, о которых вы думали. Сделайте презентацию на основе вашей дискуссии.

78 Read the text. Try to find out why the music of the Beatles has affected so many people.
The Music for All Ages
(by James Clarke
The Beatles changed the style of popular music in an unbelievable way and caused a new musical phenomenon in the Sixties. Their music was fresh and original. It has stuck with generations of people and is still an influence on pop and rock bands to this day.
They became a worldwide sensation. They wrote about day-to-day subjects, mainly love, which everyone could relate to. They touched the hearts of millions of people with songs such as "Hey Jude", "Love me do", "Help" and "Michelle". Their songs were simple and catchy but also very technically composed with strong classical influences.
The Beatles were also the first "Boy Band" who was very well-presented, dressed in suits and good-looking, which made them very attractive to ladies of all nationalities.
They also wrote songs about world issues, such as living in peace, which the different generations of the time were able to relate to and still do to this day. Their songs were trying to encourage people to look on the bright side of life.

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