Упр.83 Unit 2
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Jacques Delors understands the concept of "global village" as living in the multicultural world in peace and harmony. There is a diversity of human societies or cultures in a specific region and in the world on the whole. He argues that people must first of all learn to live together in our natural communities (e. g. our town, nation, religion, school, class). We should learn to respect each other's rights and differences and be friendly towards all people on the planet, no matter what race or religion they belong to. This will help us make a significant contribution to public life by doing our best to combat racism, avoid military conflicts on the Earth and cultural shocks that people face when they come to another country. Each part of the global village is made up of different traditions and values that must bring people together instead of keeping them apart.

Жак Делор понимает термин "глобальная деревня" как жизнь в многокультурном мире в мире и согласии. Существует разнообразие человеческих обществ и культур в конкретном регионе и в мире в целом. Он утверждает, что люди должны, прежде всего, научиться жить вместе в наших естественных сообществах (например, наш город, нация, религия, школа, класс). Мы должны научиться уважать права и различия друг друга и быть дружественным по отношению ко всем людям на планете, независимо от того, какой расе или религии они принадлежат. Это поможет нам внести существенный вклад в общественную жизнь, делая все возможное, чтобы бороться с расизмом, избегать военных конфликтов на Земле и культурных потрясений, с которыми люди сталкиваются, когда приезжают в другую страну. Каждая часть глобальной деревни состоит из различных традиций и ценностей, которые должны объединять людей, а не способствовать их разобщению.

83 Read the advertisement about a competition and discuss the questions below;
English for Overseas Students Society in Newcastle sponsors and actively supports tne English Language Competition for students ages i3to 18.
If you are interested in English, enjoy travelling and are a good team player, this is a chance for you to win First Prize: a two-month course in one of language schools in the United Kingdom.
There are three contests in the competition programme:
A written grammar ana vocaDuiary test
The maximum number of points is 100. if you get 75 points, you can continue on to the second stage.
A written test on you knowiecge of lifestyie ar.c n.siory or English-speaking countries You can get a maximum of 100 points. One hundred of the top participants are invited to take part in the final stage that will be held in Newcastle.
A contest of team-based projects
The students are divided into ten teams. Each team gets a topic for a project. The topics are announced only on the day of the contest. The result depends on your knowledge, quick mine anc ability to worK in a team. The team that procuces the oest project is awarded a two-month course in one of language schools in The UK. 1 Have you ever taken pan in a language competition or any other competition?
2 Do you know any people who have won prizes?
3 Do you think language competitions encourage students to study more?
4 What does the competition above consist of?
5 Which pan of the competition seems the most difficult to you? Why?

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