Упр.120 Unit 1
ГДЗ Enjoy English 8 класс

120 У вас есть какие-нибудь рекорды в вашем районе? Каковы они? Напишите краткую информацию о ваших местных рекордах.

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is one of the largest cities in Europe. Its area is about 2500 square kilometers. The population of the capital is about 12,5 million people.

Москва — столица России. Это один из самых больших городов Европы. Столица занимает площадь около 2500 квадратных километра. Население Москвы составляет около 12,5 миллионов человек.

120 Have you got any records in your area? What are they? Write some brief information about your local records.
1. The past simple:
We danced a lot at the disco last night.
Did he buy her a present yesterday?
The famous writer was born in 1947.
2. The past continuous: What were you doing at 7 o'clock yesterday?
The old man was working in the garden at that time.
It was raining all day yesterday.
He was reading a book about volcanoes when I came in.
3. The past perfect: The scientist had changed his mind by that time.
The girl had never heard that music before the concert.
What had he done before we arrived?

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