Упр.23 Unit 2
ГДЗ Enjoy English 7 класс

23 Прочитай, сравни и запомни.
1. Ты видел мальчика (who/that) выиграл состязание?
2. Смотри! Там студенты (who/that) мы говорили вчера?
3. Это компьютер (which/that) я хотел бы иметь.
4. Назови языки (which/that) знает Мистер Дин.
who/that = люди
which/that = животные или вещи

23 Read, compare and remember.
1. Have you seen the boy (who / that) won the competition?
2. Look! Here are the students (who / that) we spoke to yesterday?
3. This is the computer (which / that) I’d like to have.
4. Name the languages (which / that) Mr Dean knows.
who / that = people
which / that = animals and things

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