Упр.12 Unit 4 Секция 2 Рабочая тетрадь №1
ГДЗ Enjoy English 11 класс

12 Прочитайте объявления и напишите письмо, чтобы больше узнать об обведенных фразах.

Hi Emmy,
I'm writing on your advertisement about a new dancing school. I’m interested in joining your school, but I would like to find out more details about it.
The first thing I need to know is what days you have classes and at what time. It’s really important to me as I’m a full-time student and have to attend my school too!
Could you also let me know how many students you have in a group? And certainly I would like to know the prices. Should I pay for a week, a month or for the whole course?
You also mentioned that you provide the students with the essential equipment. What exactly will I get for free and what items will I have to buy myself?
Best regards,

12 Read the advertisement and write a letter to find out more about the circled phrases.

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