Упр.5 Unit 2 Секция 1 Рабочая тетрадь №1
ГДЗ Enjoy English 11 класс

5 Разделите слова и выражения в упр.9, стр.48 на две категории и заполните таблицу.
Личные качества
Профессиональные качества или знания

Personal qualities\персональные качества: imaginative, well-organized, knowledgeable, able to work to tight deadlines, creative, interpersonal skills, able to make decisions, able to solve problems, negotiation skills, initiative, enthusiastic, responsible, competitive, persistent, inspirational, able to cope with stress, able to take risks, motivated, committed.
Professional qualities or knowledge\профессиональные качества или знания: well-educated, professional, knowledgeable, computer literate, able to work in a team, telephone skills, able to do research, negotiation skills, competent.

5 Divide the words and expressions in Ex. 9, p. 48 into two categories and fill in the table.
Personal qualities
Professional qualities or knowledge