Упр.3 Unit 1 Секция 4 Рабочая тетрадь №1
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3 Напишите несколько строк, чтобы дополнить следующие утверждения.
1 Политический лидер должен быть коммуникативным потому что
2 Политический лидер должен свободно владеть языками, потому что
3 Политический лидер должен быть ответственным, потому что

1...he / she needs to communicate with people / should be able to find supporters to promote their ideas / needs to be popular with people.
2...he / she needs to communicate with other politicians in different countries. It’s easier to come to agreement if the politician knows the language. A politician should also be able to read newspapers and documents in different languages to have easier access to information.
3...his / her decisions affect lots of people. Wrong decisions do people lots of harm and make them unhappy. A politician must be very careful and foresee the result of his / her actions.

3 Write a few lines to develop the following statements.
1 A political leader should be communicative because
2 A political leader should be fluent in languages because
3 A political leader should be responsible because

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