Упр.112 Unit 3
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112 Посмотрите на листовки экологических кампаний и манифесты по всему миру. Скажите, какие действия они хотят? Как вы думаете, эти действия являются реалистичными? Почему?/Почему нет?

The actions, desired in the leaflets are quite realistic. For example as far as saving water is concerned. There was an experiment, where some people were told to brush their teeth, while an aquarium with a fish was standing beside them. The amount of water those people used for brushing their teeth automatically disappeared from the aquarium and those, who hadn't turned the water tap off while brushing, killed the fish, leaving it without water. I think, only such examples can teach us to save water, because we will have the shortage of pure water in the nearest future if we continue to consume it this way.
The problem of deforestation is harder to prevent. More and more rich people destroy forests to build their cottages, companies, etc.
Требуемые в этих листовках действия вполне реальны. Например, то, что касается сохранения воды. Был такой эксперимент, где некоторых людей попросили чистить зубы, в тo время как рядом с ними стоял аквариум с рыбкой. Количество воды, которое люди затрачивали на чистку зубов, автоматически исчезало из аквариума, и те, кто не выключил кран с водой, убили рыбку, оставив ее без воды. Я думаю, что только такие примеры могут научить нас экономить воду, потому что в ближайшем будущем у нас будет недостаток пресной воды, если мы продолжим все таким образом.
Проблему вырубки лесов намного труднее решить. Bce больше и больше богатых людей вырубают леса, чтобы построить свои коттеджи, компании и т.д.

112 Look at the leaflets of Environmental Campaigns and Manifestos around the world. Say what actions they desire? Do you think these actions are realistic? Why? / Why not?
Earth-friendly fabrics
Shopping for clothes involves tricky decisions about fit, colour, style, and price. And if a (1) ... number of companies have their way, you'll soon start checking labels for another key detail: (2) ... impact.
Earth-friendly fabrics are in. It's already (3) ... to buy shirts made from bamboo and socks made from corn. Shopping malls of the future might also carry clothes made from chicken feathers or rice straw.
The companies that make such fabrics are interested in (4) ... development. This means trying to (5) ... things that people need while protecting natural resources and preserving biodiversity.
"A fully sustainable business would be one that (6) ... no negative impact on the environment," says Gordon Rands, an environmental business expert at Western Illinois University in Macomb. "I don't think such a business exists yet, but (7) ... it's very possible. And companies are moving in this (8) ... ." So, (9) ... are now looking for new ways to make fabrics for clothes that are good both for your (10) ... and for the Earth.

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