Упр.8 Appendix 1 Биология
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8 Прочитайте статью еще раз и обсудите вопросы, приведенные ниже.
1. На что молекула ДНК похожа? Вы можете или описать ее или нарисовать.
2. За какую информацию гены ответственны?
3. Теоретически, можно прочитать и изменить генетический код?
4. Знаете ли вы о каких-либо успешных экспериментах в области генетики?
5. Что вы знаете о генетически модифицированных продуктах питания?

1. a long double spiral, consists of segments
2. physical, physiological and behavioural characteristics of a living being
3. yes
4. genetically modified plants can produce more crops;
sheep Dolly was created as a clone, genetically altered mice were created and they are much stronger and healthier than "natural" mice: however, the question is still open. Some people think that those experiments can't be called successful as nobody knows what they will bring to people — good or harm.
5. Genetic engineering can alter plants in order to make them bigger, their fruit can be tastier, and they can have longer shelf life.

8 Read the article again and discuss the questions below.
1. What does the DNA molecule look like? You can either describe or draw it.
2. What kind of information are the genes responsible for?
3. Theoretically speaking, is it possible to read and change the genetic code?
4. Do you know about any successful experiments in genetics?
5. What do you know about genetically modified food?

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