Упр.80 Unit 4
ГДЗ Enjoy English 10 класс

80 Просмотрите перечень тем для светской беседы и решите, какие из них являются безопасными для использования, а какие нет. Используйте свою Рабочую Тетрадь. Запишите свои ответы в таблицу. Затем поработайте в парах. Сравните ваши идеи.
• путешествия • исследования
• возраст • работа
• дети • деньги
• погода • брак
• праздники • питание
• Животные • политика
• музыка • религия
. хобби
• сплетни о ком-то
• критика или жалобы
• общие вопросы о лице
• сложные предметы (например, философия)
• шутки, которые могут обидеть (особенно сексистские или расистские шутки)

travel - How was your flight?
weather - Nice weather, isn't it?
holiday's - Have you been on holiday yet?
pets - Do you like cats?
music - Do you like jazz?
hobbies - What do you do in your free time?
studies - What do you study at university?
work - What do you do?
food - Do you eat meat?
general matters about the person - Where do you come from?
age - How old are you?
children - Have you got any children?
gossip about somebody - Have you heard what people have said about the director of the company?
jokes that might be offensive - Have you heard the joke about an American, an Englishman and a Russian?
money - How much do you earn / make?
complicated subjects - What do you know about this philosopher?
manage - Are you married?
politics - How do you feel about the Communist party?
religion - Do you believe in God?
criticism or complaints - I don’t really like this party.

80 Look through the list of topics for small talk and decide which of them are safe to use and which are not. Use your Workbook. Write your answers in the table. Then work in pairs. Compare your ideas.
• travel • studies
• age • work
• children • money
• weather • marriage
• holidays • food
• pets • politics
• music • religion
. hobbies
• gossip about somebody
• criticism or complaints
• general matters about the person
• complicated subjects (e.g. philosophy
• jokes that might offend (especially sexist or racist jokes

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