Упр.102 Unit 1
ГДЗ Enjoy English 10 класс

102 Составьте вопросы из заданных слов. Первое и последнее слово каждого вопроса подчеркнуто.

• What music would you listen tо if you had some free time this evening? (Какую музыку вы бы слушали, если бы у вас было свободное время этим вечером?)
• If you wanted to dance, what music might you choose? (Если бы вы хотели танцевать, какую музыку вы бы выбрали?)
• If you could play a musical instrument, what instrument would it be? (Если бы вы могли играть на музыкальном инструменте, какой бы это был инструмент?)
• If you could become a famous pop singer, who would you be? (Если бы вы могли стать известным поп певцом, кем бы вы были?)
• How would your life be different if you were famous? (Как бы изменилась ваша жизнь, если бы вы стали известным?)

102 Макe questions out of the given words. The first and the last words of each question are underlined.
• you music What listen if this evening? to had some you free time would
• might wanted you dance, music what choose? If to you
• musical you If could play a instrument, what be? would it instrument
• be? you a famous you If pop could singer, who become would
• How would life be were famous? different if you your
The most meaningful activities in my life revolve around music. When I listen to my stereo or play my drum set, I leave this world and enter one of my own where time stands still. I have been a fan of music since I was nine and listened to bands like U2 [CG] and singer Bryan Adams [CG]
Besides just listening to music. I have been playing the drums almost every day for five years and have the calluses to prove it! It was my older brothers who taught me almost everything I know about music, drumming and life in general. They're the real reason I'm interested in becoming a musician. My tastes in music have totally changed and matured since I began listening and playing years ago. but the fact remains that without music, my life would not be complete
When I am not listening to music or playing the drums, I play with my punk band called Never Again. We have only been together for three months, but we work hard. Besides doing the percussion, I also write lyrics. This is always a good way for me to express any bottled-up emotions I have.
I can't imagine my world without music. I am not sure what I would do with my time. Creating, practicing and writing lyrics for my band has become the focus of my life. I dream of playing in front of thousands of fans in a sold-out arena where my music and words could be heard by everyone.
Darren, 16 (From Teenlnk magazine)

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