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Упр.5 Модуль 1a
ГДЗ Spotlight 11 класс

5 Дополните предложения словами в скобках. Проверьте по Списку Слов.
1 Не был ли брачный обет красивым на свадьбе Анны и Ника?
2 Есть только четыре человека из моих ближайших родственников, но есть более двадцати в моей расширенной семье.
3 Моя пожилая бабушка живет в маленьком старом коттедже.
4 Мои родственники, которые пришли на праздник семьи, растянулись на три поколения!
5 Некоторые из наших родственников недавно дали нам фотоальбом с фотографиями наших предков.
6 Нуклеарная семья состоит из отца, матери и детей, в то время как неполная семья состоит из одного родителя и детей.


1 marriage, wedding (женитьба, свадьба)
2 immediate, extended (близкие, дальние)
3 elderly, old (пожилой, старый)
4 relations, generations (отношения, поколения)
5 relatives, ancestors (родственники, предки)
6 nuclear, single parent (нуклеарная, неполная)

Английский оригинал текста:
5 Complete the sentences with the words in brackets. Check in the Word List.
1 Weren't the ............... vows beautiful at Anna and Nick's .......................? (wedding/marriage)
'My parents both come from large families, but in ours there's just my brother and I. Although the birth rate has dropped a lot here in recent years, family still takes priority. My parents make us feel special. We can express ourselves openly and have our opinions listened to. We have lots of family celebrations and we often share Sunday lunch with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Meal times are really important to us, as they are to most Italians. After dinner, we often dress up and go out for a passeggiata, or evening stroll.'
Sylvia, 19
'My parents are separated, so my sister and I live with our mum. We spend most weekends at our father's place though, as our parents think it is important that they both remain a big part of our lives. I don't see much of either of my grandparents as they live in different cities. I am very close to my maternal grandmother though, and I speak to her on the phone a lot.'
Thomas, 17
'My family is the centre of my life. Family hierarchy is very important in Jordan and the young show respect to the old at all times. Getting married and having a family is a top priority for me. My marriage will probably be arranged by my father, which is quite common here. I have a large family and my house is often full of relatives visiting us. Indeed, the concept of privacy is alien to us Jordanians!
Aalia, 17
'The Japanese believe that the strength and support of the family is essential for reaching your full potential in life. Like all Japanese children, I was taught to obey authority and to be very polite, as poor behaviour would reflect badly on my family. Being a parent is considered a very important role. My sister and brother-in-law have just had their first child, so they have started calling each other 'Otoosan' and 'Okaasan' (Father and Mother) instead of their first names. This is very common here!'
Takumi, 18
2) ) There are just four people in my ....................family, but more than twenty in my ..................family. (extended/immediate)
3) ) My ..... grandmother lives in a little ...... cottage. (old/elderly)
4) ) My) ) ......... who came to the family celebration spanned three.................! (generations/relations)
5) ) Some ...............of ours recently gave us a photo album full of pictures of our ..............) ) ) ) (ancestors/relatives)
6) ) A..........family consists of father, mother and children whereas a) ) family consists of one parent and children (single parent, nuclear)

Скоро ЕГЭ?
Расставьте знаки препинания: укажите все цифры, на месте которых в предложении должны стоять запятые.
Старые пароходы (1) приходившие из разных стран (2) дремали у деревянных пристаней (3) тихонько посапывая паром.

Запишите цифры в порядке возрастания БЕЗ запятых и пробелов.
Введите ответ:

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